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2019 Year In Review Photos | How the New York Times Makes Their Final Selections


2019 Year In Review Photos | How the New York Times Makes Their Final Selections for Their Year In Pictures Lean how the photography editors of the New York Times select 116 photos from 500,000 for their Year In Pictures Feature including some of their winning photojournalist suggestions.  

Rock’s Greatest Photo- Photographer Pennie Smith & The Clash


Rock’s Greatest Photo- Photographer Pennie Smith Shares Her Experiences with The Clash Rocks greatest photo was coined for one of Pennie Smith’s photographs. Learn how here experiences with The Clash influenced her life behind the camera.  

FujiFilm X-Pro3 – A Detailed Overview and Photo Examples


FujiFilm X-Pro3 – Detailed Review by a Professional Photographer FujiFilm X-Pro3, a well-designed digital camera that is and excellent tool for photography creatives. Check out this excellent overview of X-Pro3 features by a professional photographer as well as dozens of photographic examples of it’s shooting capabilities.        

Photoshopped Photos? – Hard to Believe these Amazing Photos Are Real


Photoshopped Photos? Believe it or not- these are real! We see photos everyday while flipping through our favorite social media feeds. Some are enhanced with Photoshop to create a surreal image from the everyday; but these spectacular gems are the exception. Check out these 45 spectacular pics that are so unreal you would think they […]

How to Color Black & White Photos Using an Optical Illusion Grid


See how to color black & white photos with a simple visual trick. Create a fantastic optical illusion using a simple grid trick to color your black & white photos. Utilizing red, orange, yellow, blue, and green grid lines, this photographer tricks your brain into thinking the black and white photo is actually color.   […]