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Nikon School Online Offering Complete Access to Streaming Courses for Free


Nikon is Offering Free Classes Online for the Month of April Take some of this at home time to explore an excellent library of online photography learning courses by Nikon. Classes include shooting video content, DSLR operation and photo shooting tips.  

Find Photos on Your iPhone or Android Device Instantly


Find Photos on Your iPhone or Android Device Instantly with the Simple Tip Use this quick tip to instantly find photos on your device using facial recognition, scene and object detection to find images on your iPhone or Android device. For example, we searched “wash”, and instantly received results for images taken in Washington as […]

Photoshop Content Aware Fill- Remove Fences from Images Easily


Photoshop Content Aware Fill Allows Easy Removal of Fences from Images Check out this great tutorial highlighting Photoshop’s update to their content aware tool. Learn how to quickly eliminate complex items from your images like fences blocking your subject for example.  

Underwater Photography – New Algorithm Removes Water from Photos


Underwater Photography – Researcher’s New Algorithm Removes Water from Underwater Photos Underwater photography can leave a lot to the imagination as they can have color casting that effects their appearance. See how this ocean researcher has developed a new algorithm that easily removes underwater color tints to photos, making them appear as if they were […]

Wedding Photography Tips- Don’t Shoot Weddings that Use Lasers


Wedding Photography Tips- Photographer Advises Don’t Shoot Weddings with Lasers See why this photographers wedding photography tip is to exclude future weddings that have lasers present as she suffered the consequences by photoshopping hundreds of fine lines from her photos. See the resulting images and learn why lasers are not good at events for photographers. […]

Gifts for Photographers – What Not to Get them for the Holidays


Gifts for Photographers – What They Don’t Want for the Holidays Have you began scouring the web for that perfect gift for the photographer in your life? Before you get started shopping, we found this cheeky list of what NOT to get them. Although, some of these photographer gifts did make us smile and maybe […]

Camera Grids, What Are They? Compose better photos with the Rule of Thirds


Camera Grids, What Are They? Compose better photos with the Rule of Thirds If you have every clicked through camera settings in your mobile phone or digital camera, you may have noticed a grid display option that overlays the image preview. So what is this grid for? These camera grids can greatly help you improve […]

Wedding Photographer Industry Statistics- UK Survey Gives Insight to Wedding Photographers


Wedding Photographer Industry Statistics Are you a wedding photographer? Ever wanted some great insight on how the industry is performing and what works and doesn’t? Look no further! Recently we found this fantastic survey of over 300 UK wedding photographers and there feedback covering the wedding photography industry. Click the link below to see the […]

What’s a Histogram? How can I use it to make my photos better?


What’s a Histogram? If you have ever fumbled through the settings of an SLR you have surely seen a histogram.So what is a histogram exactly, and why is it important to taking good photos? See how in this great article that explains how to read a histogram and how understanding it can impact and improve […]