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Nikon School Online Offering Complete Access to Streaming Courses for Free


Nikon is Offering Free Classes Online for the Month of April Take some of this at home time to explore an excellent library of online photography learning courses by Nikon. Classes include shooting video content, DSLR operation and photo shooting tips.  

Mobile Phone Cameras vs. Traditional Digital Cameras – Is There a Difference Anymore?


Mobile Phone Cameras vs. Traditional Digital Cameras – Is There a Difference Anymore? The technology curve for cameras in mobile devices such as Apple iPhones and Google Pixel is coming close to the features and resolutions of traditional digital cameras. See if a camera is really necessary anymore with the progress of mobile cameras.  

Canon 1DX Mark III Camera Shoots No-crop 4K, Possibly 6K RAW Video


Canon 1DX Mark III Camera Shoots No-crop 4K, Possibly 6K RAW Video Canon has announced the development of the new Canon 1DX Mark III Camera that will shoot 4K images without cropping, and may possibly shoot 6K RAW video. Click the link below to read more.  

Canon EOS Rs 75MP Camera Arriving February 2020


Canon EOS Rs 75MP Camera Arriving February 2020 Canons new EOS Rs camera with 75MP and dynamic range capability is hitting the market in February 2020. Rumor has it that it will feature a type of hybrid EF/RF mount and a joystick!  

FujiFilm X-Pro3 – A Detailed Overview and Photo Examples


FujiFilm X-Pro3 – Detailed Review by a Professional Photographer FujiFilm X-Pro3, a well-designed digital camera that is and excellent tool for photography creatives. Check out this excellent overview of X-Pro3 features by a professional photographer as well as dozens of photographic examples of it’s shooting capabilities.        

Best Street Photography Cameras 2019


Best Street Photography Cameras for 2019 When outside the studio some photographers prefer a more lightweight, yet high-performing camera for street photography. Check out these top pics for photographers wanting quality images on-the-go.        

What is ISO in Photography? A Quick Overview


What is ISO in Photography? Us old-schoolers remember it from the days of buying actual film to put in our cameras. So how does it apply to modern age digital photography? Check out this article for some excellent examples of ISO and its digital effects.        

Camera Trap Wildlife Photos – Top Picks by National Geographic


Camera trap wildlife photos have opened a whole new untouched world of animal lifestyles. Check out these great camera trap snaps by handpicked by National Geographic photographers.        

Iconic Photos and the Cameras that Made Them


Ever see an iconic photo that has graced the cover of Time magazine or National Geographic and wonder what type of camera was used to create that timeless image? Have a look at these 20 iconic photos and the lens power that was behind these captivating images.        

Camera Equipment Rental Company KitSplit Now Offering Insurance for Equipment


KitSplit, a peer-to-peer camera equipment rental company will soon offer equipment rental insurance if your gear doesn’t get returned. KitSplit has offered the coverage due to feedback of renters not returning equipment.