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Baby Photos with Teeth? Checkout These Cute Baby Pics!

Baby Photos Smiling with Teeth

These Uber-cute Baby Pics Have the Most Adorable Photoshopped Teeth See how a Texas photographer created cute newborn photo sessions and then Photoshopped teeth smiles on the newborn pics. Great idea for baby photographers!  

Snapshot Photographer Celebrated the Everyday and Led the Color Movement


Snapshot Photographer Celebrated the Everyday and Led the Color Movement See how this photographer beautifully captured the everyday using his own “snapshot”, method; as well as contributing to the rise of acceptance of color photos among professional photographer circles.  

Photoshop Compositing Fun – Man Photoshops Godzilla Into Photos for Last 4 Years


Photoshop Compositing Fun – Man Photoshops Godzilla Into Photos for Last 4 Years Looking to have some fun with old photos in your library? Take a cue from this camera creative by having some Photoshop fun and adding your favorite character. There’s actually some editing-worthy pics here!  

Photographer Captures the Life of Ken & Barbie in Soviet Russia


Photographer Captures the Life of Barbie & Ken as They Would Have Lived in 1980’s Soviet Russia See how doll photographer Lara Vychuzhanina captured Ken & Barbie’s daily life as depicted in 1980’s Soviet Russia.  

Best Street Photography Cameras 2019


Best Street Photography Cameras for 2019 When outside the studio some photographers prefer a more lightweight, yet high-performing camera for street photography. Check out these top pics for photographers wanting quality images on-the-go.        

What is ISO in Photography? A Quick Overview


What is ISO in Photography? Us old-schoolers remember it from the days of buying actual film to put in our cameras. So how does it apply to modern age digital photography? Check out this article for some excellent examples of ISO and its digital effects.        

Photo Studios How To – Create a Small Studio on a Minimal Budget


Photo studios can seem like a huge expense to beginning photographers. See how to create your own photo studio on a minimal budget with a small space in this great video by Pixel Village.        

Camera Trap Wildlife Photos – Top Picks by National Geographic


Camera trap wildlife photos have opened a whole new untouched world of animal lifestyles. Check out these great camera trap snaps by handpicked by National Geographic photographers.        

iPhone Photography Awards 2019 Winners


See some of the fantastic colors and photographic compositions submitted to the 2019 IPPA Awards for iPhone Photography. Will iPhone photos replace traditional camera needs in the near future? After seeing these images one might think so. Although we will always have a place in our hearts for the flexibility of traditional cameras and their array of settings. […]

How to Color Black & White Photos Using an Optical Illusion Grid


See how to color black & white photos with a simple visual trick. Create a fantastic optical illusion using a simple grid trick to color your black & white photos. Utilizing red, orange, yellow, blue, and green grid lines, this photographer tricks your brain into thinking the black and white photo is actually color.   […]