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Nikon School Online Offering Complete Access to Streaming Courses for Free


Nikon is Offering Free Classes Online for the Month of April Take some of this at home time to explore an excellent library of online photography learning courses by Nikon. Classes include shooting video content, DSLR operation and photo shooting tips.  

Off-Camera Flash Photography – Beginner’s Guide


A Beginner’s to Guide Off-Camera Flash Photography Check out this great introduction to off-camera flash photos and see how to get those raw “club-photo”, looks by triggering your camera’s flash remotely for some dynamic image results.  

Underwater Photography – New Algorithm Removes Water from Photos


Underwater Photography – Researcher’s New Algorithm Removes Water from Underwater Photos Underwater photography can leave a lot to the imagination as they can have color casting that effects their appearance. See how this ocean researcher has developed a new algorithm that easily removes underwater color tints to photos, making them appear as if they were […]

Photo Studios How To – Create a Small Studio on a Minimal Budget


Photo studios can seem like a huge expense to beginning photographers. See how to create your own photo studio on a minimal budget with a small space in this great video by Pixel Village.        

Long Exposure Photos: Quick Tips


Wanting to try shooting some long exposure photos? Extended exposure can create some cool effects and is easily executed, even for beginning photographers. Check out these quick tips to get started with long exposure photos.          

10 Great Photo Studio Tips for Photographers

10 photo studio tips

Ever shoot in your photo studio and need that “just right” tool that’s not available in your bag of photo tricks? Repurposing everyday items has always been a tool that any photographer has utilized. Ranging from reflectors to hairbands, this list of photo studio tips are sure to make a professional photographer’s life a bit […]