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Photo Perspective and How News Images Can Be Easily Manipulated


Photo Perspective Can Easily Be Manipulated to Influence a Viewer’s Perception – See How See how these Copenhagen-based photographers compared the influence of a wide-angle and telephoto lens when looking at media portraying social distancing practices.  

Baby Photos with Teeth? Checkout These Cute Baby Pics!

Baby Photos Smiling with Teeth

These Uber-cute Baby Pics Have the Most Adorable Photoshopped Teeth See how a Texas photographer created cute newborn photo sessions and then Photoshopped teeth smiles on the newborn pics. Great idea for baby photographers!  

Nikon School Online Offering Complete Access to Streaming Courses for Free


Nikon is Offering Free Classes Online for the Month of April Take some of this at home time to explore an excellent library of online photography learning courses by Nikon. Classes include shooting video content, DSLR operation and photo shooting tips.  

Off-Camera Flash Photography – Beginner’s Guide


A Beginner’s to Guide Off-Camera Flash Photography Check out this great introduction to off-camera flash photos and see how to get those raw “club-photo”, looks by triggering your camera’s flash remotely for some dynamic image results.  

Find Photos on Your iPhone or Android Device Instantly


Find Photos on Your iPhone or Android Device Instantly with the Simple Tip Use this quick tip to instantly find photos on your device using facial recognition, scene and object detection to find images on your iPhone or Android device. For example, we searched “wash”, and instantly received results for images taken in Washington as […]

Photoshop Compositing Fun – Man Photoshops Godzilla Into Photos for Last 4 Years


Photoshop Compositing Fun – Man Photoshops Godzilla Into Photos for Last 4 Years Looking to have some fun with old photos in your library? Take a cue from this camera creative by having some Photoshop fun and adding your favorite character. There’s actually some editing-worthy pics here!  

Photographer Captures the Life of Ken & Barbie in Soviet Russia


Photographer Captures the Life of Barbie & Ken as They Would Have Lived in 1980’s Soviet Russia See how doll photographer Lara Vychuzhanina captured Ken & Barbie’s daily life as depicted in 1980’s Soviet Russia.  

Photoshopped Photos? – Hard to Believe these Amazing Photos Are Real


Photoshopped Photos? Believe it or not- these are real! We see photos everyday while flipping through our favorite social media feeds. Some are enhanced with Photoshop to create a surreal image from the everyday; but these spectacular gems are the exception. Check out these 45 spectacular pics that are so unreal you would think they […]

Camera Grids, What Are They? Compose better photos with the Rule of Thirds


Camera Grids, What Are They? Compose better photos with the Rule of Thirds If you have every clicked through camera settings in your mobile phone or digital camera, you may have noticed a grid display option that overlays the image preview. So what is this grid for? These camera grids can greatly help you improve […]

How to Color Black & White Photos Using an Optical Illusion Grid


See how to color black & white photos with a simple visual trick. Create a fantastic optical illusion using a simple grid trick to color your black & white photos. Utilizing red, orange, yellow, blue, and green grid lines, this photographer tricks your brain into thinking the black and white photo is actually color.   […]