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Photographer Captures the Life of Ken & Barbie in Soviet Russia


Photographer Captures the Life of Barbie & Ken as They Would Have Lived in 1980’s Soviet Russia See how doll photographer Lara Vychuzhanina captured Ken & Barbie’s daily life as depicted in 1980’s Soviet Russia.  

Gifts for Photographers – What Not to Get them for the Holidays


Gifts for Photographers – What They Don’t Want for the Holidays Have you began scouring the web for that perfect gift for the photographer in your life? Before you get started shopping, we found this cheeky list of what NOT to get them. Although, some of these photographer gifts did make us smile and maybe […]

Anti-selfie photographer shoots oddly-hilarious pics at famous landmarks; and they’re to die for.


Tired of the same old selfies? See how anti-selfie artist Stephanie Leigh Rose shoots her famous landmark travels while taking a stance against the lulled world of selfies.