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Off-Camera Flash Photography – Beginner’s Guide


A Beginner’s to Guide Off-Camera Flash Photography Check out this great introduction to off-camera flash photos and see how to get those raw “club-photo”, looks by triggering your camera’s flash remotely for some dynamic image results.  

Camera Trap Wildlife Photos – Top Picks by National Geographic


Camera trap wildlife photos have opened a whole new untouched world of animal lifestyles. Check out these great camera trap snaps by handpicked by National Geographic photographers.        

Long Exposure Photos: Quick Tips


Wanting to try shooting some long exposure photos? Extended exposure can create some cool effects and is easily executed, even for beginning photographers. Check out these quick tips to get started with long exposure photos.          

New Camera Captures Images from 28 Miles Away


A new kind of camera captures images from extensive distances. The University of Science and Technology of China can now capture a photo of a subject form 28 miles away even in smoggy urban environments. The process works by capturing sparse data points to create the final image.