Stock Photography Tips for Getting Into the Business


Stock photography can be a lucrative gig for many photographers. You work your own hours, shoot subject matter that’s appealing to you, and make money in the process. So how do you get into the lucrative photographic field? Check out the article below for some great tips on getting into stock photography and how to […]

Promote Your Photographs | Tips for the Digital World


Commercial photographers strive to get their media out to an audience and gain exposure. The way of the world is to now reach out and engage via the web. So where to start promoting your photos? Check out these great tips to learn the when & where of promoting your photographs on the web.   […]

Camera Equipment Rental Company KitSplit Now Offering Insurance for Equipment


KitSplit, a peer-to-peer camera equipment rental company will soon offer equipment rental insurance if your gear doesn’t get returned. KitSplit has offered the coverage due to feedback of renters not returning equipment.        

New Camera App that Removes People from Photos


Check out this new camera app that removes people can do a decent job removing people from your mobile camera images. Utilizing machine-learning algorithms this app can perform a decent job of removing unwanted persons in your images.        

Photographer Portfolio | Tips by Top Photographers & Creatives


Learn what top designers and photographers look for to achieve the perfect portfolio. See how developing a creative style and creating a twist in approach can make your photographer portfolio standout from the rest.        

Wildlife Photography Tips from National Geographic


Learn some great wildlife photography tips from a National Geographic photographer; ranging from environment to telephoto gear. These shooting tips are sure to help you get the most out of your wildlife photographs.  

Landscape Photo Tips to Improve Your Compositions


Landscape photo tips are definitely essential for any photographer. We’ve all shot a landscape at one point or another in our careers. Good composition is key when laying out a scene in your camera’s viewfinder. Learn how to better composite your landscape photos to get more appealing results.        

Long Exposure Photos: Quick Tips


Wanting to try shooting some long exposure photos? Extended exposure can create some cool effects and is easily executed, even for beginning photographers. Check out these quick tips to get started with long exposure photos.