Long Exposure Photos: Quick Tips


Wanting to try shooting some long exposure photos? Extended exposure can create some cool effects and is easily executed, even for beginning photographers. Check out these quick tips to get started with long exposure photos.

DJI Camera Leak Reveals Plans to Release Action Camera to Compete with GoPro


Recent photo leaks show possible plans of DJI camera release for action-sport photos to compete with the GoPro camera series. After recent success with their Osmo pocket cameras, it’s a small jump for DJI to enter the action camera market. Check out the article below to see leaked spy pics of the new DJI camera.

New Camera Captures Images from 28 Miles Away


A new kind of camera captures images from extensive distances. The University of Science and Technology of China can now capture a photo of a subject form 28 miles away even in smoggy urban environments. The process works by capturing sparse data points to create the final image.

Anti-selfie photographer shoots oddly-hilarious pics at famous landmarks; and they’re to die for.


Tired of the same old selfies? See how anti-selfie artist Stephanie Leigh Rose shoots her famous landmark travels while taking a stance against the lulled world of selfies.  

How to Critique Your Photo and Constructive Feedback Considerations


Learn how properly critique your photo as well as others. See key points of a photograph you should pay attention to when you critique your photos. Avoiding the rules of photography can also impact strong critique points as well.

10 Great Photo Studio Tips for Photographers

10 photo studio tips

Ever shoot in your photo studio and need that “just right” tool that’s not available in your bag of photo tricks? Repurposing everyday items has always been a tool that any photographer has utilized. Ranging from reflectors to hairbands, this list of photo studio tips are sure to make a professional photographer’s life a bit […]